Lord Mayors of London Badge of Office


Lord Mayor of London Badge of Office

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C1887. 13cm x 9cm. Badge of Office of the Lord Mayor of the City of London. Believed to have been created by Carl Faberge. Such a high quality enamelled badge of such an important and traditional Civic Office and hand made by traditional craftsmen very rarely comes in to the public domain. Although the maker is not presently known, the design and craftsmanship is very similar to that incorporated on a Presentation Silver Cigarette Box designed and manufactured by the Russian Royal Jeweller Carl Faberge at the Moscow Workshops for the City of London in 1911 (this Cigarette Box is also featured on this web site). History of the Badge The symbols incorporated into this high quality enamelled badge show it to have been made for George Swan NOTTAGE when he was elected Sheriff of the City of London in 1877. The roll of signatures of Mayors in the London Guildhall Library (Prints Department) appends the descriptions Carpenter, Loriner and Spectacle Maker to Alderman Nottage’s name and exemplifies his personal arms as: Argent 5 Lozenges conjoined in cross Gules. The badge is decorated with the achievements of arms of the City of London surmounting the City Mace and Sword in Saltire. Baddeley [*1] observes that as these do not pertain to the office of Sheriff they should not be used on a shrieval badge, but the plate butler at Mansion House informs that such symbols have been known to be added to the badge when a sheriff has attained the Mayoralty. The associated insignia show the affiliations and loyalties of the Sheriff – in this case the arms of the Carpenters, the Loriners and Spectacle Makers Companies. In the later 20th century, these devices might also extend more widely to Lloyds, the Stock Exchange and even to academic institutions. The Spectacle Makers’ device is the shield devised for that company by Henry Lawson, adopted in 1810 and recognised as the Company’s official arms [*2] until its present arms were formally granted on 18th September 1950. George Swan Nottage, who had been in the iron trade with his uncle R. W. Kennard (he was Sheriff in the year 1846) before setting up his own photographic business in London’s Cheapside and Oxford Street in 1856 [*3], was elected Alderman for the Ward of Cordwainer in 1875, Sheriff two years later and Lord Mayor in 1884. He died in office in April 1885. Alderman Nottage was already a Liveryman of the Spectacle Makers Company in 1883 and due for election as Lord Mayor the next year when Sir James Clarke Lawrence (Lord Mayor in 1868 and Master Carpenter for part of 1860) proposed his admission to the Carpenters Company. Accordingly, Alderman Nottage was admitted a freeman and liveryman in March 1883, elected Senior Warden five months later, and Master of the company in August 1884. In November he took office as Lord Mayor and died during his year of office as Lord Mayor and Master Carpenter [*4]. There is a memorial to him in the Crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral in London [*5] and the Spectacle Makers’ Company possesses a photograph of Alderman Nottage [*6]. Information Sources *1 Baddeley, JJ (1951) The Guildhall of the City of London. 8th edn, p 148. *2 Bromley, J & Child, H (1960) The Armorial Bearings of the Guilds of London, p 230. *3 Alford, BWE and Barker, TC (19..) History of the Carpenters Company, p 163. *4 Ridley, Jasper (1995) The Carpenters company, p 121. *5 information from Mr JR Williams, sometime Clerk of the Loriners Company. *6 information from Mr Salmon, Clerk to the Spectacle Makers Company. Copyright 2003.

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